Andre was born in Chicago, the middle of 3 boys and raised by his mother. He has lived through more than the average; poverty, family travesty and left at altar by his fiance' which married a pastor the SAME DAY which led to a whirlwind of difficulty for him.

Seeming to not catch a break, Andre encountered a life-threatening scene that allow him to stop an armed robbery, NAACP Image Award, Radio One acknowledgement as  "Hometown Champion" and Atlanta Police recognition.

This caused a resurgence concerning his life, cleaned his credit after a bankruptcy, turned it into a business, started teaching Credit Education & Financial Literacy and deemed an expert in his field.

Using his life's episodes to teach others to take the embarrassment out of experiences and speaking around the US. Andre has authored an extremely transparent autobiography entitled "Changed at the Altar."

Ultimately changing  lives teaching Purpose over Passion, his purpose has heightened as he recognizes his talents can be best used in the White House to realistically repair breaches within our severely broken system.

Against all odds, he is devoted to restoring and protecting communities with his blood. Prepared to deal with the core issues, this man is not afraid to stand up for what's right and humane as well as focusing on the things that matter the most to this great nation.

Having already winning seemingly impossible victories as the underdog,

he believes "WE CAN WIN!"

Why am I running for the 2024 Presidency?

I am running for the 2024 Presidential seat because, I bring 30 years of leadership, 25 years of speaking and 20 years of advocacy to the table. I can be the true catalyst of change for ALL people, the voice for those who aren't heard and repair the dial for America's moral compass.

I will be the only qualified candidate that has zero ties to any countries and zero upbringing within any political families which gives me the least risk for political corruptness that have divided this country.

I possess the natural born leadership qualities that has launched me from the bottom of the totem pole to the top in record times in any company and positively affected many lives in the process.

I completely despise politics in its general sense but understand how the game is played. I have a brilliant & uniquely diverse team and SOLID COMPREHENSIVE PLANS that will tackle the biggest of issues, unite all, close the gaps and put the POWER back in the hands of the PEOPLE!

This country is screaming for someone to MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! That person is ME!


What is your platform?

I believe in securing one's civil liberties, social value, equality, defending home and providing fair justice for all in spite of any differences.


I also believe in promoting fiscal policies to aid optimal economic growth, strong support for small businesses and free market.


Why choose the Democratic Party?

The Democratic party is a system designed to truly put the people FIRST.

What does these colors and images represent?

This image speaks to the fearlessness that Andre Nero has and blind justice governance that he carries. He believes in humanity, civil liberties and  fair justice for all.


Andre Nero



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